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Streamlining the College Fair Experience

FAQ's for Site Coordinators

  • What does the automation process of the fair mean?

    • Automation simply means that students register online, create a profile and print a barcode to bring to the fair. The barcode is then presented to the colleges of their choice at the fair. College recruiters can quickly collect their information by using a scanning device. No need for students to complete prospect cards at every single college table.
    • Students will visit the www.gotocollegefairs.com website to register for a fair, upon registering, they will receive a barcode. This barcode contains all of the information they provided during registration.
    • Institutions attending the fair will have an option to rent a scanner.
    • Upon meeting with a student, the rep from the institution can scan the bar code and store the information for appropriate follow up.

  • What does this mean for me as a fair coordinator?

    • Include the new student registration barcode process in your outbound communication to invited high schools.
    • Send the attached flyers along with your outreach.
    • Send a comprehensive invited high school contact list to your Project Manager at GoToCollegeFairs.
    • Be encouraged to cc your project manager on outbound communication.

  • How can I promote the use of the barcode to the counselors and students?

    • Suggest counselors display the promotional posters in the school hallways and counselor's office.
    • Promote the use of online student registration in the school's newsletter.
    • Advertise the fair and the automation process on school's website in their upcoming events section.

  • What is the benefit to using the barcode and why should it be promoted?

    • Maximize students' time at the fair by eliminating wait time and the need to fill out information cards at every table.
    • Streamline traffic flow of the fair for both students and colleges.
    • Offer an electronic format that ensures accurate, complete, legible information for every student, every time.
    • Improve communication opportunities with prospective students.
    • Supply a paper-free resolution for a more environmentally friendly college fair.

  • What is onsite registration and how can it be beneficial for my upcoming college fair?

    • Onsite registration can be used as a safety net for those students who may have forgotten to register prior to attending the fair. While all sites may not be able to offer onsite registration, it is highly recommended if you have the ability to do so.
    • Involves the set up of a few computers/printers for students to register onsite.
    • Site Coordinators can direct students to computer labs or have computers/printers set up at registration tables.
    • Also for students who may have forgotten to register prior to the event, site coordinators can use a QR code poster (found on www.gotocollegefairs.com on the Association Resources Page) that you can print out and use to promote mobile registration at your event. This QR code will guide students to our website for onsite registration on their mobile devices. While students have the ability to register and present barcodes on their mobile devices, we always encourage students to print out paper barcodes as not all colleges will be equipped with scanners that can scan barcodes off of mobile devices.

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